Israel Brand Narratives Book

We made this book to offer a set of inspiring, authentic narratives about who Israel is and what it has to offer, and to help you tell Israel's story using Country Branding techniques. Country Branding is a professional practice which requires know-how and expertise, and Vibe Israel is here to provide you with guidance, training and resources to contribute to and support the Brand of Israel. 

The book includes Country Branding Basics, Israel Brand Narratives, Communication Guidelines and more. 

Join us in sharing Israel’s story with the world!

Here are the four behaviors that illustrate who Israelis really are:

Image for Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

We welcome a good challenge! We are brave and bold, willing to take risks and like to improvise and create. Our motto is: “Start as fast as you can and then, slowly, go faster!”

Image for Moving Forward

Moving Forward

We are thousands of years old but early adopters of “the new”; always forecasting and adapting to changes in trends and behaviors. We bring our out-of-the-box thinking and entrepreneurship to all walks of life. Israel is a laboratory for experimentation and we’re always thinking of ways to build a better future and make life easier!

Image for Living Together

Living Together

Israel is an amazing kaleidoscope of different colors, backgrounds, traditions and religions. Our past, present and future are fueled by our cultural diversity and our shared destiny. Israel is full of contrasts, but somehow, we make it work!

Image for Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

We value life, live it to the full and are always looking for ways to make life better. We are happy and spontaneous, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. In Hebrew, “Cheers” literally means, “To Life”!